Ayniglobal and Path of the Sun Fundraiser Collaboration

As a non-profit organization aimed at preserving indigenous lands, people, and culture, our fundraising efforts help provide resources to indigenous communities. The Path of the Sun is a two-part documentary film series, filmed and produced by Seti Gershberg, about shamanism, ancient wisdom, and the powerful healing offered by the medicinal plant Ayahuasca. These films provide stunning visual insights into Andean and Amazonian indigenous cosmology. In support of the mission and work of Ayniglobal, Seti donated a copy of his films, plus bonus footage, to help us achieve our goals of funding Ayniglobal projects with the Q’ero and Shipibo in Peru. For your donation, you’ll receive Ayahuasca: Nature’s Greatest Gift, Q’ero Mystics of Peru, and two bonus videos of interviews with Dr. Williams filmed in Washington, D.C. Thank you in advance for your interest and contribution.