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We need donations from individuals and grants from organizations to carry out our work. Your help assures that we can continue charitable giving for education, healthcare, and public health projects. It helps fund projects and make micro-loans for social businesses.

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We need your assistance in many ways:

  • With graphic design, Internet and webpage management, and social media networking
  • Building, construction, gardening and farming, and renewal energy
  • Teachers and educators to provide guidance in new ways to educate children preparing them for the fast paced modern world
  • Doctors and nurses for general healthcare
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Join us in Peru for spiritual and educational travel. For those who want to go deeper, learn shamanic practices and Earth-based wisdom directly from the Q’ero. Become an initiate in Q’ero shamanism. Make an agreement with the Apus and Pachamama for a reciprocity lifestyle. Proceeds from tours help Ayniglobal continue to serve, advance our projects, advocate for environmental protect, and evolve our mission.

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Form a circle of reciprocity in your family, among friends, in your school, or in your community. Make a commitment to share what you learned with others. Get together, in person or online, once a week or every month to make requests and help one another fulfill them. This is powerful way to get things done, to solve problems, and to use social networking for the common good.

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