Join Santiago in Peru on sacred journeys, ecotravel tours, as well as training and initiations in Q’ero shamanism.

Each year, we conduct educational transformational journeys to the Andes and Amazon.
Our signature tour provides an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the spectacular Peruvian Andes while experiencing authentic Q’ero shamanism. This magnificent journey explores exquisite landscapes, extraordinary Incan ruins, and introduces you to the mystical inner world of traditional shamanism. We visit glorious Machu Picchu and other amazing Incan sites, but also discover breathtaking ruins off the usual trails. Along the way, you partake in shamanic rituals and learn the ancient way of the Q’ero directly from the living ancestors of the Incas.
Highlights including in depth visits to Cuzco (the Incan capital), Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Pisac, as well as shamanic ceremonies, superb hotels and services. Tour package includes all ground, train, and air transportation in Peru. Optional private healing sessions with Q’ero shamans are available.

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